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20 March 2008

Kla'ak Semanal Edisaun 9 - 17 Marsu 2008

Silverio: "Estadu direitu demokratiku sai estadu de poder"

Peskadores Kontra Estado de Sitio


Polemika problema Petisionario

Padre Argentino Hetan Pena Prizaun Perpetua

Kla’ak edisaun 8, rubrika Leno (perfil) laos Operasaun maibe tuir lolos Opresaun. Iha parte lead hakerek tinan 1995, maibe lolos mak 1985. DSMTT lolos mak DSMPTT. Loron 3 Outubru troka fali ba 13 Outubru.

Iha INDISE kla’ak edisaun 8, iha sala tanba hatun fali indise edisaun 7 nian. Tuir Lolos hakerek indise ba edisaun 8 nian.



Anonymous said...


Cuban Solidarity Work Praised in East Timor
Havana, March 21 (acn) The coordinator of the Luta Hamutuk non-governmental organization in East Timor, Mericio Akara, said on Thursday that Cuba is an example for the Third World in the field of cooperation.

Cuban News Agency

“The Cuban people have showed that another society, based on social justice and in which the rights to education and health are respected, is possible,” Akara told ACN.

After thanking Cuba for the contribution of the island’s medical brigade in East Timor – where they have saved nearly ten thousand lives in four years – Akara said that this help is an expression of the international solidarity among peoples defended by Commander Ernesto Che Guevara.

Akara also expressed his satisfaction at the work of the Cuban advisors of the literacy program ‘Yo si puedo’ (Yes, I Can) that will help his compatriots learn to read and write (almost 50% of the population in East Timor are illiterates). Currently, 11 Cuban teachers work with the local Education Ministry in that country to eliminate illiteracy.

On Wednesday, the new 190 members of the Ernesto Guevara Cuban medical brigade began their work in the 13 provinces and 65 municipalities of East Timor.

In all, the Cuban medical brigade there is comprised of 236 people who give free health care attention to the almost one million inhabitants of that country.

Anonymous said...

Notísia importante tau iha Kla'ak kona ba médiu ambiente:

Asia: Divers find paradise in seas of East Timor


DILI, East Timor--Scuba divers dream of discovering an unspoiled
marine paradise, and they need to look no further than the pristine
waters here.

This small Southeast Asian country is rebuilding itself after years
of fighting a war for independence from Indonesia.

East Timor became independent in 2002.

There are some dive centers in Dili, the capital. One of them is
operated by a British couple, Wayne Lovell, 49, and Ann Turner, 51,
both former journalists. They started the center, named, "FreeFlow," in 2001.

They went diving in the waters off East Timor, for the first time in
2000, when turmoil was still raging. The two were encouraged to try
diving by their friend, a journalist who had visited East Timor several times.

"It took us only four dives to make up our minds (to open a dive
center in East Timor)," Turner said.

They bought diving equipment and a boat in Australia and settled in
East Timor. Since then, the center has instructed more than 1,000 divers.

When rioting flared in spring 2006, foreign visitors stayed away. But
in 2007, more people visited the center than ever before. Some came
from Japan, the United States and Europe after reading about the dive
center on the Internet.

Reservations on Saturdays and Sundays were booked almost solid
throughout the year.

There are at least 40 dive spots around Dili. Divers can be lucky
enough to encounter whale sharks, which measure nearly 10 meters, and
rare dugongs not far from the coast.

But what attracts divers the most is the unspoiled coral. This is
mostly due to the fact that development projects barely got off the
ground during the war. Coral in shades of blue and pink seem to be
everywhere, much like formations found on Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

Plans are on the drawing board for the first marine park in East
Timor. For this reason, local residents are placing increased hopes
on eco-tourism.

Lovell and Turner said East Timor could become one of the world's
best diving spots if the country remains stable.(IHT/Asahi: March 20,2008)

Anonymous said...

Kona ba kultura no lisan Timor nian